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Warner Brothers Superman Artwork

The Power of Seven
Warner Brothers
Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel
100 Edition
11.5 x 16
$750.00 Unframed

Originally created in-house by the award-winning artists at DC Comics. This piece is further enhanced with the use of hand-inked shadow detail. The background, including the shields, is a Giclee print.

Highlighted in this piece are each superhero's shield, which signifies their origin, identity and powers.

Batman, a dark figure in his own right, uses his ability in shadowy, almost anti-hero ways to seek vengeance against criminals.

Superman, who comes from the planet Krypton and on Earth is fueled by the sun, Superman's fierce love for his adopted planet enables him to protect his city with power and intelligence.

Wonder Woman, the Amazonian warrior princess, who seeks to find and protect the goodness in man.

Manhunter; one of two survivors of his race, J'onn was brought to Earth when his own planet succumbed to war. Here, Manhunter uses telepathic power in addition to his great physical strength to fight for justice.

Green Lantern - one of the most powerful superheroes in the universe, John Stewart as the Green Lantern takes his energy from his ring, given to him by the Green Lantern Corps who have been deemed Guardians of the Universe.

The Flash: Wally West became The Flash after a random laboratory accident. Since then, The Flash has used a combination of speed and cockiness to fight crime within the Justice League.

Hawkgirl whose real name is Shayera Hol was transported from her home planet where she was a detective to Earth. Here, she employs flight, combat training and an electrified mace to serve justice in her adopted planet.
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