Mickey Mouse Sculpture: Commanding The Waters

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Mickey Mouse Sculpture: Commanding The Waters



Commanding The Waters


Walt Disney






7 x 3 x 7.5

Unframed Price: 


Mickey Mouse Sculpture Walt Disney Sculpture Commanding The Waters

LegendsŪ Fine Art Sculpture AP editions of 125, are available for $550. Please specify in the order!

The long awaited Walt Disney Collection from LegendsŪ, the premier mixed-media metal fine art brand! We are thrilled to announce the first Limited Edition Walt Disney releases. These fine art sculptures are exemplary! LegendsŪ fine art sculptures are created using the unique mixed-media process, which combines precious and semi-precious components, including 24 karat gold vermeil, lost wax bronze, fine pewter, Lucite, brass, gold, rose copper vermeils, and a bright array of hot-torched patinas. LegendsŪ continues to bring creative new designs to collectible and fine art galleries. Mixed Media combined with Lucite adds another dimension of rich color and texture. These pieces are fantastic, well priced, and unbelievably detailed! With such small editions, these are definitely "must haves" for Disney collectors!

Sculpted by Chris Peterson, 125 Artist Proofs will also be available for $450 each. When ordering an Artist Proof, please enter "Artist Proof" in the comments section of your order to ensure order accuracy.

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